Sergio Ferreira and Amanda López Álvarez de Ferreira were the founders of Art San Ramón, one of the pioneers of the country in the framing business. Both of Spanish origin, established in Santo Domingo dedicated since 1967 until the year 2000.

In 2002, his son Sergio Ferreira Lopez with his wife Susy Guzmán take the executives positions in Arte San Ramón, continuing the uninterrupted work of 50 years of full dedication of the company.

Arte San Ramón portfolio of services are diversified and specialized  beyond the moulding framing, expanding its products towards selling decorative accessories, furniture design and the creation of an exhibition hall.

In June 2014 Amanda Ferreira Guzmán Executive Vice President, decides to undertake a new project opening on the first floor of the new building a furnishing store ASR Design, dedicated to promoting interior decoration using clean lines and a neutral palette, accompanied by pieces of art . And on the second floor an art gallery under the name ASR Contemporary gallery in a space of 1000 square meters next to the framing store Art San Ramón.